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Dec-Jan 2005 
Vol. IV

Just Blotted

I'm just getting this in under the wire -- this month is the 400th anniversary of Don Quixote one of the most important books ever written and a favorite subject of Antonio de la Gandara (Go to)

Letters to the Editor 

Todd Milligan

Regarding murals thought you might be interested. Great news!! (Go to)

Graham Spence 

In regarding Lady Agnew, I would suggest you try this....  (Go to)

Francesca Miller

I have always loved the Nude Egyptian Girl and the study of Thomas McKeller.  I feel both are major works by the master and wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. (Go to)

Yuri Suassuna de Medeiros

I would like pass along the following information relating to The Count Robert de Montessquiou and the painter John Singer Sargent - it's really interesting (Go to)

Tite Street Sleuth

I am a resident of Tite Street and  thought you might like to know the scaffolding at number  31 is actually the current owners restoring the house to its original state.  (Go to)

Kate Burke

I was searching the internet for my great-great grandparents and found paintings of them here.  Mrs Douglas-Dick (Isabelle Parrott) and Brigadier General Archibald Douglas-Dick of Pitkerro. Finding those paintings was so exciting!  (Go to)

Michele Lener

Dear Natasha, did you miss this picture? Under The Willows, 1888

[Editor's note - Not now with your help]

Francesca Miller

January 12th is the great man's birthday. Somehow cake and ice cream don't seem to be enough to celebrate such a fabulous life . . . Happy Birthday Dear Johnny, Happy Birthday to you!

Genway Gao

The nuance of Sargent’s middle tones, an answer to Joseph's question  (Go to)

Francesca Miller

Have you seen JSS's drawing of Ethel Barrymore (Go to)

Jon Aymon

Modonna: Mary has occupied a place of honor in the consideration of artists from early on in the history of Christianity.  . . .Madonnas from the medieval period in Italy are often deep and unforgettable portraits in psychology:

Cathedral · Pistoia · Tuscany. (Go to)

[Editor's note - Merry Christmas everyone]

Julian Mathias

I am the grandson of Robert Mathias and Ena (nee Wertheimer) and the great grandson of Asher Wertheimer.  (Go to)

Bob Sheridan

It might be of interest to some that the MFA Boston keeps its JSS watercolors under lock and key, not on display.

Visitors wishing to view them must make an appointment at least a day or TWO in advance by calling the desk and transferring to the person in charge of viewing JSS watercolors.

This info [however] was the result of personal disappointment when I visited Boston 1 1/2 years ago. Perhaps visitors should be tipped off simply to call the MFA before making their trip.

Andy Shaindlin

About the Duchess [of Marlborough] .... I had the good fortune in 1994 to visit and go "behind the scenes" into the current Duke's living quarters. There is another sketch of Consuelo Vanderbilt, also by Sargent. It hangs on a wall in one of the corridors (Go to)

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Now Showing

Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children
Brooklyn Museum of Art

October 8, 2004—January 16, 2005

Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia:

February 25 - May 22, 2005

Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon:
June 18 - September 11, 2005

 (go to)

Sotheby's Auction Sets Record Price

When the hammer fell on December 2nd in the halls of Sotheby's what had stood for eight years and seemingly unreachable, lay shattered in a million pieces. The former high water mark set by Cashmere in 1996, when it sold for $11,112,500 to Bill Gates, was more than doubled by Sargent's painting of Group with Parasols which realized a price of $23,528,000 USD including buyer's premium -- far exceeding the estimated price between 9,000,000 -- 12,000,000 USD. Five bidders competed for the painting and eventually ended up with an anonymous buyer according to a recent BBC News story.

Other works that were sold, which came from the collection of Rita and Daniel Fraad, were A Spanish Barracks, c.1903 realizing $142,400 USD; and a drawing called Studies for Venetian Street Scene, c. 1880-1882 which brought $36,000 USD.

Across the street, so to speak at Christies, a sketch of Carolus Duran done after Sargent's oil of him brought a hefty price of $724,300.00 USD, the painting Corfu sold for $95,600.00 USD which was, surprisingly, less than it sold the previous year; and a portrait of Sir Charles Macpherson Dobell, went for 50,190. British Pounds.

Natasha's Blog

It has been red letter days at the Bailey Building and Loan. So much has gone on since I have made any updates to the Co-maniacs and as much as it might seem I might have fallen off the earth, or that I might have sold out to Mr. Potter. I can assure you that the doors are still open to this little shoestring of an effort I call the Co-Maniacs. What has kept me from making any updates has been my life outside of the JSS Gallery which has been pretty busy as well.

This doesn't mean, however, that little has been going on at JSS Central. I have been learning new programs which, hopefully, will make my life easier and I have been trying to get some really neat things online which have been sitting in the wings for weeks. This will show up here shortly in this issue of the paper.

What's on my Christmas list? More Lists

In November Andy Holzopfel (a Friend of the JSS Gallery) wrote to the Brooklyn Museum regarding a listing of work for the Exhibition currently underway. Meg Holscher, Dept. Assistant, of American Art, was kind enough to respond wherein she wrote "Please see the following list of paintings that are on view. I have included the corresponding plate numbers from the catalogue." (Go to)

New Paintings

Basin with Sailor, Villa Vizcaya, Miami, Florida, 1917; Venice, 1880–82; Chalets, Breithorn, Murren, 1870; Studies of a Dead Bird; 1878; Antonio Mancini, c.1898; The Model: Interior with Standing Figure, 1876; Katherine Chase Pratt, 1890; Girgenti, c. 1901; Rio dell'Angelo, 1902; Mrs. Gardiner Green Hammond (Esther Fiske Hammond), 1903; Rio dei Mendicanti, 1903; Rio di San Salvatore, Venice, 1903-04; Bedouin Mother, 1905; Black Tent, 1905-06; Arab Stable,1905-06; Falconieri Gardens, Frascati, 1907; Guiudecca, c.1907; All' Ave Maria, c.1907; In the Simplon Pass, 1910;

Sargent Places

Andy Holzopfel went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and a new listing is added (Go to)

So you Want to Build a Virtual Gallery

Preparation of Virtual Galleries, thoughts by David Hyde (Go to)

Thoughts by Natasha Wallace (Go to)


Patron Launches Book & Website

'Before the sun abandoned the dawn, it painted the skies in a violet smoke, while a fierce sea wind blew across the bay, toward the cottages of Maidenhead. A beam flashed from Virgin’s Light, the beacon that sat her perch since 1690. There was a flash, another, then a furtive signaling in Morse code to the clipper ships that navigated the hostile waters of the peninsula.

The first mate of a brig fishing for cod in Chastity Cove looked out into the dark horizon then yelled to his crew. “Turn the ship around! The light says ‘ . . .death is waiting’!” '

Francesca Miller's novel: The Boston Gothic Book  (Go to)




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