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Oct-Nov 2004 
Vol. III

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Three Weeks in the making

And it will only take you two minutes to surf -- if that; but that's what it's all about, to let you digest an incredibly significant amount of information quickly. This has been something I have been striving for -- to be able to let a person surf multi-dimensionally. What I have for you today is one of the most significant moment's in the world of Sargent.

In 1986 two institutions put together one of most historically significant exhibition since Sargent's death. It is hard to pinpoint a moment in time that equals the quantum jump in understanding and appreciation that took place as a result. Included in this are some new Sargent paintings and drawing which are new to the JSS Gallery.

John Singer Sargent, An Exhibition -- Whitney Museum, NY & The Art Institute of Chicago 1986-1987  (go to)


Christies Offering

Sir Charles Macpherson Dobell, 1919, Novermber 19th  (go to)

Letters to the Editor 

Todd Milligan 

I was wondering what you knew of the Sargent painting completed in 1875 entitled "Resting"? (go to)

[Also were you aware that Sargent was copied] by none other than Sir Winston Churchill? (go to)

Colleen Kollar Zorn

This work is currently offered for sale by A.J. Kollar Fine Paintings, Seattle, Washington. (go to)


I spent the entire lazy day on your site and am glad for having done so. (go to)

Francesca E Miller 

I've always loved JSS but even more since I got involved with your gallery. It is the most exciting thing on the net. I am in the process of polishing my first manuscript, a strange romance in Boston in 1880. Linda was my editor and pushed me along the way. I never would have met her if it wasn't for you. I'll keep you abreast of everything that's going on.

(Editor’s note: both Francesca and Linda have contributed to the Dr Pozzi Page here )

John Debruyne

My great uncle was Wilfred de Glehn . . . When I was a child I used to sit beside "Uncle Willie" and watch him paint. . . . (go to)

Michael Roller

I had an interesting e-mail a while ago from someone called Tony Hirtenstein, who is Netty Huxley's great grandson! He had come across my e-mail address on the JSS website.

I am setting out a few excerpts from his e-mail that may be of interest.
  (go to)

Radu Bogdan

The painting by Philip de Laszlo, called "Portrait of a Lady." The description underneath seems to indicate that no precise identity was attached to the person in the tableau, and that Christie's evaluated this painting at some £5,000-7,000.

As a Roumanian genealogist I can state [who she is . . .] (go to)

Matt Davies

Here is another Sargent-related article for you, from The Sunday Telegraph, October 18, 1998. It relates to the exhibit "Sargent at the Tate Gallery" in 1998. As always, it's interesting to see different perspectives on Sargent. . . (go to)

Elise Crowell

I am a teacher and every year I do a reading lesson on synthesis, and part of the lesson is reflecting on how we have personal reactions to various artists' paintings. I pull up my favorite painter, John Singer Sargent, and show several of his works, including my favorite, Corfu, Lights and Shadows.

Last year when I emailed you with this, my personal favorite, you added it to your gallery page [major paintings].

When I showed it to my class (fifth grade) and they saw my name, they applauded. You made my day!
 (go to)

Jonathan Silverlight

I thought you might like to see this picture of John Singer Sargent's tomb, which appeared in my local paper when it got "listed status" which should help get funds for maintenance.
(go to)

Michael Reed
October 1 2004

Dear Ms. Wallace,

You definitely owe me a cup of coffee!! I, by chance, found your website devoted to John Singer Sargent last night and was immediately hooked!  I was up until 3:30 in the morning completely absorbed.  Wonderful job. I, myself, have just launched a website devoted to highlighting the life and work of American sculptor Sally James Farnham (located here) .  I tried searching the Web for similar sites and came up with a few to compare and learn from.  I only wish I would have stumbled upon yours sooner!  It is truly the most comprehensive collection of info on the Web related to Sargent imaginable. You obviously love your subject, as I do mine.

I hope to become a member of your site in the coming month.  I appreciate all of the work you have given to the site and I completely understand the term "privately funded"!!

Kudos and the best of luck. Your site will definitely become a regular stop for me from this day forth!

All best and kind regards,
Michael Reed (go to)

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Now Showing

Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children
Brooklyn Museum of Art

October 8, 2004—January 16, 2005

Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia:

February 25 - May 22, 2005

Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon:
June 18 - September 11, 2005

The press release describes the show as being the first exhibition to examine the role of child imagery in the art of one of the foremost painters of the late nineteenth century. This innovative look at a discrete segment of Sargent’s output will reveal that paintings of children represent undisputed milestones in his career and that he deliberately displayed them at strategic moments to reorient critical and public opinion of his work. The exhibition of approximately 43 works on loan from important domestic and foreign collections includes commissioned portraits, portraits of family members and friends, genre paintings, and works portraying professional child models. A full-color catalogue published by the Museum in association with Bulfinch Press accompanies this special exhibition and is available. (go to)

Matt Davies

Not sure if you had seen this or not. A friend forwarded me this review of the "Great Expectations" Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which apparently ran in the New York Times, October 8, 2004... (go to)

New Release 

Great Expectations:
The full catalogue book

Sotheby's to Offer Important American Paintings

Sargent is included in the works from the collection of Rita and Daniel Fraad, which will be auctioned December 1, 2004 A Spanish Barracks, c.1903; Group with Parasols John Singer Sargent, c. 1905; Studies for Venetian Street Scene, c. 1880-1882 (go to)          

Natasha's Blog 

A Websurfer's Toast

A couple of things today:


Have you ever visited a site looking for something and after spending half an hour sifting through the various and sundry pages you finally find THE link you've been looking for all along. Do you recall that feeling in your heart that you GOT IT and this is IT, your search is over; but then you click your mouse you find you are taken to something like this: click

What was your reaction? 

Don’t tell me. I think I already know because I’ve been there. Hopefully, you won’t find too many of those kinds of  links here. Lord knows there are probably more than I like and some, I'm sure,  have snuck under my radar but if one does happen find one of those baddies, I wanted a more sympathetic response than the above.

So with that in mind,  let me lift my glass and say: May your days of surfing be long,  enjoyable and error free. I've been working really hard for you to see that is so.


This week will be remembered as a turning point at the JSS Gallery like none other. I have made a discovery of one of Sargent's paintings that is so profound  by the Master it eclipses his Lady Agnew, Madame X and the Boston Library paintings all put together! This is so phenomenal it will change your whole evaluation of Sargent into a new dimension; but it can't be described by mere mortals -- you just have to see it yourself -- enjoy (go to)

Naming Names

One of the things that has needed improving for a long time is the listing of other artists. Probably about a good third had never been listed at the Thumbnail Index. As in anything, it takes a little time but I'm getting it much closer to the way I want it to look (go to)

American Songbook
October 1 2004

You will have to forgive me, sometimes I just can't stay on topic. You see I'm in a state of bliss, I can't stop smiling, and when I greet people I see that something special in them and although it's raining outside and although autumn has brought its cold blanket of air, I'm just floating on a cloud. Do you want some perfect surfing music? Come take my hand and join me and check out Renee Olstead

Who is she? Until today I had no idea, but her voice is sublime and she's only 15 years old!  Come on.  Just let the site run. Much thanks to Rory in Hawaii for this tip (go to)

Unearthed from the bottom of the garden in 1879, the almost mythical long-lost Venus de Bletchley was reputedly a sister sculpture to the Venus de Milo.
Quoting art historian Regis Ponsonby-Smythe;
"The remains speak volumes with what is left unsaid."
[Daze of Our Lives]  (go to)

Michele Lener

(Editor’s note: in 1878 Frank Hyde introduced Sargent to the incredible beautiful model named Rosina Ferrara who would be featured in many of Sargent’s paintings of that time "Head of Ana-Capri Girl" , "Rosina", and "Capri" to name just a  few.

George Randolph Barse, an American painter thirteen years later ('91) would marry this beauty and they would have a love affair like none other. After 43 years, George lost her upon her death and he never recovered.

What Michele Lener found has capped a collective search for the story behind the story which has been going on in the background for the past four years. What Michele has found represents the first of a series of periodic installments.)

George R. Barse,
Artist, Ends Life

(Quoted from New York Times; Feb 26, 1938, p.30) (go to)


Boston Public Library shows off restored Sargent murals
By Mark Pratt, Associated Press Writer | October 10, 2004

BOSTON -- John Singer Sargent's sweeping series of murals in the Boston Public Library has been called the Sistine Chapel of America.

After a two-year, $2 million restoration, it's easy to see why. (. . . )

The library is holding a month long celebration of the Sargent murals, which included a public viewing on Sunday. (go to)

Editor's Note - Okay you guys with nice digital cameras – let’s get some REAL pics online. Who will be my correspondent on the ground?

Other Artists

The artwork of Hercules Brabazon Brabazon (go to)

Boldini's Madame Leclanche

Auction Season Brings Autumn Color
Matt Davies & Natasha


We wanted to let you know there were a number of interesting paintings up for sale recently, here were some:

de Laszlo had two at Christies (1) and (2)

Carolus-Duran had one here

Boldini had some we’ve seen before and this new one here

And Paul César Helleu with two -- both of his wife, one we've seen here, and one you haven't before here

(Editor's note -- any of interest I've missed let me know)