John Singer Sargent's Elizabeth Asquith "mug"
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John Singer Sargent

Anthony Asquith
(little brother to Elizabeth Asquith)

Emma (Margot), Countess of Oxford and Asquith  
(mother to Elizabeth Asquith)

Elizabeth Asquith "mug"
(later Elizabeth Bibesco)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Private collection
24 X 16 in
 Jpg: Paul Darby 

From: Paul Darby 
darby  and
Date:  Sat, 22 May 2004

After 24 years my wife and I finally had a chance to visit her home in Paris from which her daughter had recently been removed to a nursing home. We met a relative who by chance was in town and looked around the apartment - it was a kind of shrine to Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco as far as I could see - everything that had been on the walls in 1920 was still on the walls  - including two portrait drawings by Sargent - one of Elizabeth Asquith and the other of her brother Anthony (the movie director) done in 1914 when she was 17 and he was 12.

Unthinkingly I only snapped a picture of Elizabeth (I was too excited to finally see the Vuillard of Elizabeth to look at much else. Anyway here is the portrait of Elizabeth Asquith (did she use it in the 1916 show she organized?) taken through glass at a bit of an angle. The two portraits (image size) were probably about 24 X 16 inches and were framed to show lots of margin.

Perhaps you remember my interest in Augustus John's "Princess Bibesco".

Regards, Paul 

Augustus John 

Princess Antoine Bibesco
(Elizabeth Bibesco, nee Asquith)

Elizabeth Asquith

Elinor M. Barnard

Elizabeth Asquith (Bibesco)

Special thanks to Paul Darby, of Toronto,
Canada, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me the image of Sargent's drawing. 


From: Joan Powell Jackson
Joan jackson
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 

I have just read the note from Darby concerning Elizabeth Asquith. As you know, my intrest is in the English-American artist Elinor M. Barnard. I have recently learned that Elinor was in Washington D.C. in March of 1922 painting the 21 month old daughter, Priscilla, of Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco and the Prince. Priscilla is or was married to Simon Hodgson and resides in Paris. Elinor was friends with three Tenant sisters-Lucy Tennant Graham- Smith, Charlotte-Lady Ribblesdale,and Margot Tennant Asquith. I would certainly like to know the location of that baby's portrait. 



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