John Singer Sargent's Alice Vanderbilt Shepard
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Alice Vanderbilt Shepard 
(Later Mrs. Dave Hennen Morris 1875-1950) 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
Oil on canvas 
76.52 x 55.88 cm (30 1/8 x 22 in.)
Jpg: The Pragmatic Romanticist

The painting was exhibited at the The World Columbian Exposition, Chicago, in 1893 along with eight other portraits. 

This portrait was unique -- not entirely -- but among many. Sargent had asked Alice's parents for permission to paint her, he wasn't asked. John had been executing a commission for her father, the lawyer and newspaper publisher Elliott Fitch Shepard when they met. She was only thirteen at the time and was recovering from a riding accident. Her mother, whom was the subject of the original commission agreed on the condition that Sargent wouldn't tire her out with long sittings.

As he had done in some of his other works, the face here is thinly and delicately painted to reveal her stunning countenance with her blouse and jacket in a slightly more bravura style. (Amon Carter Museum)

Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt
(Mrs. Elliot Fitch Shepard --
mother to Alice Vanderbilt Shepard)


Special thanks to Callie Morfeld Vincent, Assistant Registrar, Amon Carter Museum, for correction on some factual information.

By:  Natasha Wallace
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