Woman and Man on Cot
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
c. 1874-1877 [???  1]
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Pencil on beige wove paper
Jpg: Corcoran Gallery

??? 1) 
From: John Hudson
cia ros cu  rojhu dson@hotmail.com

This drawing called "Man and Woman on a Cot" supposedly done between 1874 - 1877.The style of clothing is definitely 1922 - 1925.

From Natasha

 I see what you mean with the leg exposed on the girl and the boy's trousers. Yeah it sort of does look 1922-1925 to me as well.

Though the carefulness of the drawing would make it, although not impossible, unusual for a John Singer Sargent during that time frame, and much more usual to his earlier drawing. Just how unusual for 1922-25, I'm not sure and maybe I'm wrong about that.

I wonder where I got that date? Was the drawing in a dated scketch book? I don't know.

Is there anything else you might know about John's drawing in the period 1922-25?

I'll leave this open until I can run something down.



Created 10/30/2002