John Singer Sargent's Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in a Leon Bakst costume
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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in a Leon Bakst costume
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Collection of Flora Whitney Miller
66 x 50.8 cm (26 x 20 in.)
Jpg: Friend of the JSS Gallery
Léon Bakst helped revolutionize the role of sets and costumes design in dance. 

Special thanks to Matt Davies, of Kansas City, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me notes regarding this image. 


John Singer Sargent, An Exhibition -- Whitney Museum, NY & The Art Institute of Chicago 1986-1987

This drawing was reproduced in The "Whitney Women and the Museum They Made: A Family Memoir," by Flora Miller Biddle, New York: Arcade Publishing, 1999. 

Also reproduced in John Singer Sargent, Whitney Museum, Patricia Hills, 1887


By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 8/9/2002