Léon Bakst: Rusian costume, set designer, painter
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Léon Bakst 

Costume design for an odalisque based on the ballet Schéhérazade 

Program cover: Comœdia Illustré 1912 
Queen Thamar and the Prince in Thamar 

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in a Leon Bakst costume  
Drawn by John Singer Sargent

Léon Bakst  (1866-1924)
Rusian costume, set designer, painter
Léon Bakst helped revolutionize the role of sets and costumes design in dance. He became internationally famous after his design of Schéhérazade which opened in Paris in June of 1910. 

Not satisfied with the staid backdrops of Ballet, Bakst designed exotic sets which were an integral part of the production along with beautiful, often  oriental, costumes made of explosive pure, bright colors that just floored audiences. 

Bakst and his close colleague Alexander Benois are recognized by many as having together revolutionized theatrical design.  



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