Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 
  1885-86 (Polly and Dorothy, daughters to Mrs Frederick Barnard)

Polly Barnard
(A.K.A Girl in White Muslin)

(daughter to Mrs Frederick Barnard)

Portrait of Dorothy Barnard
(daughter to Mrs Frederick Barnard)

 Mrs. Frederick Barnard 
(Alice Faraday)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Tate Gallery, London
Oil on canvas 
104.1 x 57.1 cm
      Bequeathed by Miss Dorothy Barnard 
 Jpg: Tate Gallery, London

Alice Barnard (1847-1952) was the mother of Polly and Dorothy Barnard (both posed for John's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose) and the wife of the artist Frederick Barnard from the Broadway colony. It was at Broadway where they met John and in the absence of any commissions Sargent practiced on his friends.

In 1896, her husband Frederick, died in a fire, but John would remain close to Alice and her family the rest of his life. In later years when he went on trips to the south of Europe to paint, Alice's daughters would often travel with him and his sister in their own interpretation of an extended family. 

I don't think (though I'm not sure) that Alice ever remarried. Probably one of the most telling signs of John's affection for her was in his will which he made in 1918. It was very simple really.  His entire estate went to his two sisters, which was considerable. There were only two exceptions. 500 pounds went to Nicola D'Inverno (a long time valet whom Sargent would later employ) and 5,000 pounds -- a pretty considerable sum back then -- went to Alice Barnard.  Those were the only exceptions.[1]

    Sargent, who was American, was specially invited to contribute to the New English Art Club's first exhibition in London in 1886. This portrait was one of the two pictures he showed, and the reviewer in 'The Times' singled it out, commenting that the face was 'painted with astonishing and uncompromising life-likeness, and the hands - to be quite frank - very clumsily sketched in.
    (Tate Gallery Display Caption 09-Aug-1994)
1) The only other thing of interest in Sargent's will was that Emily (John's sister) got her half outright. The other half which was to go to Violet (his other sister) was put in a trust for her and her children so that, according to Olson, Violet's husband couldn't touch it. (p.198) Forum

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Alice Faraday Barnard's girls and son (Geoffrey b. 1872) were second cousins to Elinor M. Barnard. Alice Faraday Barnard was the niece of Michael Faraday- he being married to Sarah Barnard. Alice and Frederick were married on the Isle of Wight Aug. 11, 1870. 

Date: 2 July 2004 

The reason I know about [Geoffrey] is that he is included in the household of the 1881 census [which I found]. He is the oldest child being 9 years old. Marion is 7 and Dorothy is 3. Harold Faraday is listed at 32, unmarried. Ada Faraday is 26 and unmarried. I think Ada and Harold were Alice Faraday Barnard's brother and sister. They are listed as visitors, but so many people were listed as visitors during that era that I feel they probably lived with Alice and Frederick at least part of the year. Harold is listed as Gas Engineer (fitter). I think that somehow the gas provided to London had something to do with some of their uncle's, Michael Faraday, experiments.

Oh yes,  There were 3 servants in the household-a cook, a house maid and a nurse. They are living at Warrington Ho Steeles Rd, 
London, Middlesex, England. They were all born, with the exception of the servants, 
in Middlesex. (sex stands for Saxon-so middle saxon).

More later.,  Joan

Date: 7 July 2004 

I believe that Geoffrey Barnard, Alice's oldest child, died in 1891 at the age of 20. I called London this morning for the death certificate. He died in Evesham of which Broadway is a part. I hope the parent or parents are listed as proof. I will let you know. I should have it in about 10 days. If this is the case then Alice had a very sad life. I can see now that Sargent was very concerned and caring of her.

Date: 14 July 2004

Geoffrey's death certificate arrived today. It states as follows:

Registration District Evesham 1891 DEATH in Sub-district of Broadway in the Counties of Worcester and Gloucester
Column 193-when & where- Eighteenth Dec. 1891  Geoffrey Barnard  Male 20 yrs. 

Cause of death-Hoemarrhage (sp.) from Intestine. Congenital Heart Disease,
certified by S. Fleming MD Signature,
description & residence of informant- Frederick Barnard, Father in  Attendance, 34 Hamiton Gardens, London NW
when registered- 22 December 1891.


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