John Singer Sargent's Francis B Chadwick
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Francis Brooks Chadwick 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Private collection 
Oil on panel 
13.75 x 10 in. 
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Francis Brooks Chadwick (1850 - 1943) was an American painter best known for his landscapes. He studied at Harvard and arrived in Paris in 1873. It was Chadwick that would introduce Sargent to John's distant cousin Ralph Wormeley Curtis. Curtis had been a friend of Chadwick's from Harvard. 

In 1880, all three went off to the Netherlands to study Frans Hals. It was on this trip that Sargent probably painted Chadwick. 


Sold at Christie's; 5/23/1990; Lot 44; $143,000 


Sampling of works 
by Chadwick

The Bridge At Grez sur Loing in the Springtime
c. 1887
Oil on canvas
40 x 60 in
Signed:lower right 


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