Alberto Falchetti
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
c. 1905-08
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Thume
Oil on canvas
74.9 x 54.6 cm (29 1/2 x 21 1/2 in.)
Inscribed: (Across top:) to my friend Bertino Falchetti John S. Sargent
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From: B & Cheri  Falchetti 
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Date:  Thursday, March 18, 2004 

Alberto Falchetti (Born 1878- died-1956 - or there about) is the son of Giuseppe Falchetti (b1843-died in Torino 1918) both from Caluso, Italy. From my understanding Alberto studied with the masters. But I have no confirmation of that. Even though his paintings that I've seen show the style of that period -- 1800's. Both Giuseppe & Alberto [father and son] are painters. 

(This link -- [pdf file with a lot to load give it time] lists some of the works Giuseppe did and is currently for sale in Milan-o)

We just found out last year Alberto Falchetti  is a direct relative.

My Father-in-laws' Parents both were born in Caluso, Italy & from what I have found out, Guy Falchetti was a youngest of several children. His parents died & he was sent to Brazil to be raised by his sister. Then he moved on to Pennsylvania. This is where the family has been since.

My niece went to Caluso a couple of summers ago, and it seems the Falchetti home has been turned into a Museum. I just thought maybe someone would have some other information.

I have been doing some research on the web, and to take a peak at his other works. He's got some magnificent works in his home place of Turin, Italy.  some of his miniatures have been bought and have made it to the US.  If you have any additional information for my father in law who is named after this artist.

Much appreciation,
Cheri Falchetti

 * * * 

Alberto Falchetti
-(Caluso, Turin, 1878 - 1956)

Subjects: Alpine panoramic views, landscapes orient them (1905), died natures,
ritratti Techniques
Burlap, cardboard

The montani landscapes of the juvenile period, influence to you from the Divisionismo di G. Segantini, can exceed the 13000 Euro; more you attend, but, those realizes to you in the 1900's, more highly summarized execution, that they come deals between 1050 and the 7700 to you Euro, to second of the dimensions and the quality. Like the Giuseppe father, it was specialized also in the natures died, valued on the 2600-3100 Euro. The works painted in 1905 could arouse particular interest during a travel in Palestine with the painter American J. Sargent.-(But I can not confirm otherwise)

Portrait of Alberto Falchetti (1878-1956) wearing a black coat, hat and necktie. At right are shelves with objects, such as books, paintbrushes, pigments.



John Singer Sargent, An Exhibition -- Whitney Museum, NY & The Art Institute of Chicago 1986-1987

Formerly in the collection of Gawronska, Luciana Frassati, Contessa,
Marlborough Fine Art, Ltd., London, England ca. 1984-1985.
Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York, New York 1985.

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