McKim, White and Mead:  The Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of of Arts and Sciences
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 The Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
(Conceptual Rendering)

McKim, White and Mead, architects
Francis L.V. Hoppin, artist (1867-1941)
The Brooklyn Museum
Gouache and ink on paper
62.9 x 166.4 cm (24 ¾ x 65 ½ in.)

 Jpg:  BrooklynMuseum / local

At its conception, the idea was to make it  the largest museum in the country -- a single building which would be the largest  museum-structure in the world; and it would house collections of art, natural history, and science, as well as serve as an educational and research institution.

It was a grand proposal put together in the year of the Chicago Worlds Fair with a design that would proclaim the building as a temple of art and learning.

Of course, reality had to be faced and what was realized was a beautiful, but much more modest version. 

The Brooklyn Museum 1914

The Brooklyn Museum Today



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