McKim, White and Mead:  The Brooklyn Museum of Art 1914
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 The Brooklyn Museum of Art 1914
McKim, White and Mead, architects
Francis L.V. Hoppin, artist (1867-1941)
The Brooklyn Museum
Gouache and ink on paper
62.9 x 166.4 cm (24 ¾ x 65 ½ in.)

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The front entrance stairway actually proved longer than what was originally designed, as the entire building was elevated to accommodate lower floor needs.

By the 1930's, The international style of "Modernism" left the brilliant minds of the day to think the front stairs too aloof and pretentious, and the Municipal Art Commission quickly approved the demolition of the front steps in April of 1934, while principals of McKim, Mead & White were out of the country. What was left was an emasculated structure

The Brooklyn Museum of Art
Stairs removed

The Brooklyn Museum



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