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Virgin and Child in Juxtaposition
 Cathedral, Tarragona


Bartomeu, Master ( fl 1277–95). Catalan sculptor. He is documented as working on the west portal of Tarragona Cathedral between 1277 and 1282, and his activity there has traditionally been identified with the main, central portal of the façade, although the documents could equally well refer to the lateral, Adoration of the Magi portal. The sculpture of the central doorway (the trumeau Virgin and Child, various Apostles on the embrasures, the corbel angels and other related sculpture; reorganized by the Cascalls workshop from 1375) is executed in a refined and elegant Gothic style showing both Italian and French influences, with reminiscences of classicizing sculpture at Reims Cathedral. 

See the Virgin and Child in Juxtaposition
John Singer Sargent

Virgin and Child, Cathedral Terragona
(aka Jamb Figures, Tarragona, Spain)

Virgin and Child


Cathedral of Tarragona 


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