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One of two Gatehouses fronting the
grounds of the ancetiral Lister home
(now Gisburne Park)
jpg: J.Gornall
Lord Ribblesdale Home at Gisburn
jpg: J. Gornall
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This is the Georgian Country Home of the Lister family built in the 18th century. It is located near what is now called Gisburn Park which was the estate grounds of the family home. The grounds were actually open to the public in the village (Gisburn) by the Lister family and after the local deer population had been over hunted Lord Ribblesdale had Sika deer brought in to re-populate.

At the front of the grounds Lord Ribblesdale built two flanking gate houses one of which is featured left. 

The public was allowed free access to the grounds until 1880, when it was closed to visitors due to "continual disorderly behaviour by drunken 'riff-raff' ".

Today the grounds are publicly owned and once again open to the village of Gisburn. In October 1995, the Georgian country home, was converted to an independent private hospital and rehabilitation centre. The hospital retains much of its original character and charm, including beautiful cornices mouldings and plaster work.
(Gisburne Park)

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