John Singer Sargent's Gravesite Brookwood Cemetary
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As we face the markers: to the right is John Singer Sargent's gravestone sharing with his sister Emily. To the left, and of the same style, is the stone of his other sister Violet with her husband, Louis Francis  Ormond. 

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John Singer Sargent's Gravesite Brookwood Cemetary
Jpeg courtesy of: Jim Sowa
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Ormond Gravestone
Sargent's Gravestone

From: Jim Sowa
<ja  s>
Lafayette, Indiana, USA 
Date: 11/6/2001 

In November, 2000 I was vacationing in London.  Prior to leaving I contacted via email the Visitor Information Center for the town of Woking.  At this time there was not a website for Brookwood Cemetery.  This was the only information I had regarding the location of John Singer Sargent's grave.  I received the following reply: 

    Dear Mr Sowa 

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the grave of John Singer Sargent. I am pleased to be able to confirm that it is located in Brookwood Cemetary and that there is some detail about the painter held at the Brookwood Cemetary office, which is on site. Brookwood is located on the main Waterloo to Portsmouth train-line, one stop after Woking. Trains run approximately every 20 minutes from London. The cemetary is accessible from Brookwood train station and is open from 10am until dusk (at this time of year, that's about 4.30pm). I hope this is of some help. Please do contact me for any further information you may require.  


    Laura Holman 
    Visitor Information Centre 

I took the train as directed on a weekday morning and arrived at the Brookwood Station.  The train station adjoins the cemetery itself and by exiting the station to the back I was in the cemetery.  There were no signs or buildings to assist me in locating the grave.  At the first main pathway, I could go left or right.  I went right and walked for about twenty minutes and arrived at the militaries section of the cemetery.  At this section was a building and I located a gentleman to ask for directions.  He told me that I gone the wrong direction from the train station and I needed to back track and keep going across the road and I would see the office for the cemetery. So after another thirty minutes of walking I arrived at the office but no one was there.  The office also served as living quarters for someone and there were chickens in the front yard.  There was a man who was directing a front-end loader driver who was repairing the roadway.  I asked him if he knew when the office would be open.  Well, he was the owner, Mr. R. H. Guney.  He led me inside the office and showed me on a map the whereabout of John Singer Sargent's grave.  I purchased a booklet, "An Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery," because it contained a map and I still had a ways to go.  John Singer Sargent is buried in Section 35, called "The Ring" and is near St. Edward Chapel. 

The tombstone reads: 


    JAN 12th 1856 
    APRIL 15th 1925 

    BORN JAN 29TH 1857 
    DIED MAY 22ND 1936 

    At the base of the stone reads: 


Also at the grave is another stone identical in style that marks the grave of his other sister, Violet, and her husband, Louis Francis Ormond. 

[Editor's Note -- Janice Hingston had written me. She just found my site and sent me a newer pic of Sargent's stone. I asked her if she somehow worked there giving tours.] 

From: Janice Hingston
<jani ce.hings> 
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002  

I am on the committee. On Sunday [yesterday] the monthly walk included Sargent's grave amongst artists various. Here is the woman who led. 

Had I known about you I would have got a suitable picture for you. :-( 

I'll look out for the grave for you - maybe plant something special - and give JSS your regards :)) 
I went to the J S Sargent exhibition at the Tate a couple of years ago and loved it. 
At present the committee are looking for ideas to attract more people and we have a project of improving a conspicuous area. 
I am taking before and after pics . 

Now we are waiting for the stonemason to do his straightening work :) 

From: Jonathan Silverlight
(j  silver
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2004

I thought you might like to see this picture of John Singer Sargent's tomb, which appeared in my local paper when it got "listed status" which should help get funds for maintenance.

[From left to right:] John Clarke is former chairman of Brookwood Cemetery Society, Barry Williams is on Woking Council, and Ramadan Guney owns the cemetery.



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