Moorish Courtyard
(Alternate Image)
Jpg: Mark Stephenson

From Mark Stephenson
I took this at Christies, too.  I was taken at low luminous and, actually, quite colorful this painting was in the sense of it having bright golds, or the illusion of gold color, by the way he juxtaposed his lights and darks.  The painting was in a dark area of the room and lit by one strong light. I thought it best to take this angle so I could get the frame and no glare.

I can only imagine that the timing of the auction at Christies, November 29, 2001, was unfortunate in that we in NYC were deep in the aftermath of 9-11.

Moorish Court

Special thanks to Mark Stephenson, a contributing friend of the JSS Gallery, for  share this with us. See some of Mark's paintings  at his website.



Created 19/3/2008