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Photo of Jacques-Emile Blanche

Walter Richard Sickert

Jacques-Emile Blanchet
c. 1910

Portrait of Jacques-Emile Blanche
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
c. 1886
Musée des Beaux Arts - Rouen (Normandy)
Oil on canvas 
81.9 x 48.9 cm (32 1/4 x 19 1/4 in.)
Inscription u l: à mon ami Blanche [1]
Inscription u r: John S Sargent
Jpg: Friend of the JSS Gallery

From: Tate Gallery

Blanche [1861-1942] is best known for his portraits of eminent writers, artists and musicians. He lived near Dieppe and made frequent visits to England, where he was a well-known figure in artistic and society circles.  . . 
(From the display caption August 1993)
(Tate Gallery)

From: 1911 Encyclopedia

BLANCHE, JACQUES EMILE (1861 ), French painter, was born in Paris. He enjoyed an excellent cosmopolitan education, and was brought up at Passy in a house once belonging to the princesse de Lamballe, which still retained the atmosphere of 18th-century elegance and refinement and influenced his taste and work. Although he received some instruction in painting from Gervex, he may be regarded as self-taught. He acquired a great reputation as a portrait painter; his art is derived from French and English sources, refined, sometimes super-elegant, but full of character. Among his chief works are his portraits of his father, of Pierre Lou3~s, the Thaulow family, Aubrey Beardsley and Yvette Guilbert.
(1911 Encyclopedia)

From: Oscar Wilde - Standing Ovations

Jacques-Emile Blanche 
Born in Paris, Blanche was the son of an eminent pathologist. He trained under Henri Gervex and was closely associated with Manet and Degas. From the early 1880s Blanche had been a frequent visitor to London, where he spent a formative period working closely with Whistler and Sickert, and exhibiting with the New English Art Club from 1887. During the 1890s he became a successful portrait painter of fashionable society, exhibiting with the Société Nationals and winning a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1900. Blanche first met Wilde in Paris in 1883, while Wilde was trying to gain a footing in the French capital, after his tour of America. He became one of the first admirers of Wilde in the Parisian artistic circle and produced a painting of a young woman reading Wilde's Poems (location unknown). Blanche was an important Parisian contact for Wilde, through whom he met Marcel Proust in 1891. Wilde and Blanche shared many friends, including Beardsley, Conder, Sickert and Rothenstein.
(Oscar Wilde - Standing Ovations)

Special thanks to Madeleine Bruchet, from Dinard originally now in Rennes, France, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending the image of this painting

1) Translation
 à mon ami Blanche

To my friend Blanche


Sampling of works by Blanche

Robert de Montesquiou

Francis Poictevin

Portrait of Donna Olga Caracciolo dei Duchi di Castelluccio
(later Baroness de Meyer)

Portrait of Senora Eugenia Huici de Errazuriz

Self-Portrait with Raphael de Ochoa

Portrait de Marcel Proust

Percy Grainger

Sur La Terrasse
(On the Terrace)


Portrait de Mademoiselle Georgette Camille
c. 1925

James Joyce


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