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 King Arthur
Peter Vischer, the Elder (1460-1529) German Sculptor and metal founder
c. 1513
Franciscan Church, Innsbruck
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Peter Vischer, the Elder (1460-1529) came from a artisan shop started by his father Hermann. They all were from Nürnberg. By 1505 Vischer started on  his masterpiece, the sepulchral monument to St. Sebaldus, which he finished with the aid of his sons in 1519. 

Maximilian I, (14591519) was the  Holy Roman Emperor and German king (14931519). He succeeded his father Frederick III. As emperor, he tried to restore a forceful imperial leadership in an otherwise increasingly decentralized empire. 

The only thing he really managed to achive,  apparently, was to enrich his family at the cost of Germany. He obviously thought of himself in the tradition of a great medieval warrior king and had this bronze made of King Arthur, along with one of King Theodoric before he died -- both to eventually guard his tomb in the court church at Innsbruck where apparently it still is today.

I have tried to find photo's of this tomb online but with no luck.

John Singer Sargent

King Arthur of Britain and Queens from the Tomb of Maximilian, Hofkirche, Innsbruck, Austria  
1870 - 1871



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