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 Portrait of Christopher James Lowrie
Simone Simonian -- (living)
Oil on canvas 
 Jpg: Simone Simonian

From: Simone Simonian
(simon simonian @
Tue, 10 Aug 2004

Dear Nat;

A while ago I wrote to you about working on a painting of a young boy. After a few long months the painting is finished, and as I promised, I’m sending you a picture of it complete.

While it is clear that Sergeant has had a great influence on me, and being such a huge admirer of his work, it's difficult to pin-point a single painting that has influence my composition, more than another, it seems to have come from a few familiar paintings such as the one of Violet reading with all the silver objects and roses around her [The Breakfast Table], I do love... that painting. Robert Louis Stevenson comes to mind as another, Repose has had a strong influence too, anyway I just wanted to share it with you.

Hope you are well.

Best regards,

By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 8/118/2004
Updated 08/18/2004