Richard Morris Hunt's W. K. Vanderbilt's 5th Ave Home
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W. K. Vanderbilt's 5th Ave Home
Richard Morris Hunt, architect 
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Photo view looking along 5th Ave. showing W.H. Vanderbilt's house (1879-1881) -- the near one designed after William Morris Hunt by Herter Brothers and Charles B. Atwood, architects; and then W.K. Vanderbilt's house 660 Fifth Avenue (1877-1881), designed by Richard Morris Hunt, architect. 

Charles McKim would declare Hunt's design as the first complete expression of the Beaux-arts style in America.

This was Alva Vanderbilt's, William's wife,   creative idea to outshine New York's society. They would then build a "summer cottages" at Newport R.I.

William K. Vanderbilt's "Marble House" 
Summer home in Newport R.I (1888) 


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