Richard Morris Hunt's Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Richard Morris Hunt's The Met 
The Met with additional wings 
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
(First Building -- 1874-1880) 
Calvert Vaux (1824-1895) and Jacob Wrey Mold, architects 
The Met 
The Met Today - Front 
Photo c 2000 
See John Singer Sargent's Art 
Met Interior 

Central Park 
The Met's location 



Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Richard Morris Hunt, architect 
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Henry G. MarquandWhen Henry G. Marquand became president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1890, one of the first acts was to insist that the board approve Richard Morris Hunt for architect of the new building. The old Victorian building would no longer do. 

The building was to be constructed right on 5th Ave within Central Park (see map). 

As the building stands today, many architects have worked on expansion projects including wings on either end, but the front central facade is clearly credited to Hunt. The design for this, or the idea of the design, shows similarities to an imaginary Ministry of Justice which he drew when he was studying under Lefuel’s atelier in Paris. 

By 1910, John Singer Sargent's old friend Edward Robinson became Director and through his association, the museum was able to acquire some of Sargent's most significant work 

Edward Robinson 



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