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From: Sheila D'Amico
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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004

Clarence Rudolph Mattei (1883-1945) was an artist from the Santa Barbara (CA) area. When Clarence was an art student in Paris, he visited Sargent in London in March 1905. I have a (very brief) note from Clarence in which he writes

"I went to see Sargent yesterday as there is a very particular friend of mine in New York who wanted me to do it very much as he and Sargent  are quite old chums.  I had a very nice time for he showed me several large portraits that he has just finished and one, the Duke of Marlborough and family, is simply a wonder."

((It is an excerpt from a letter from Clarence to Mary Edith "Molly"  Crittenden, dated 1 April 1905, postmarked London 1 Apr 2:15.)

Clarence went on to become a prominent portraitist. It is said he (Clarence) got the idea of doing charcoal portraits from Sargent. (They might have encountered each other at another time but right now I do not have confirmation of that later meeting.) The Santa Barbara (CA) Historical Museum is doing an exhibit of their Mattei works this fall.

I'm currently writing a monograph about Clarence's first wife, Mary Edith "Molly" Crittendon.

Special thanks to Sheila D'Amico for sending me this note