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 Joan of Arc
Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington -- American sculptor
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
 Jpg:  Jon Aymon
California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Huntington, an American born sculpture moved to Paris in 1906 and shortly thereafter became interested in the life of Joan of Arch. After studying the saints life and where she went within France she submitted a life-size, plaster to the Paris Salon of 1910 where it won an honorable mention. This is a full-size casting

From:  Jon Aymon

<jon aymon @ lever>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004

The fog was just right yesterday to form a frame for this picture. I had not been concentrating on anything but getting it straight and hoping for ever-appearing, ever-disappearing blue sky. But the sky was mostly blue, and the City as splendid as ever I've seen it.

el Cid

California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Special thanks to Jon Aymon, of San Jose, California, a wonderful friend of the JSS Gallery, and for taking this picture for the JSS Gallery.