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 Maid at Capri
Frank Hyde - English Artist (1849 - 1937) 
Private collection
Oil on Canvas 
Jpg: Frank Hyde Virtual Gallery

Frank Hyde was an English artist on the island of Capri when Sargent arrived there in the summer of 1878. It would be through Hyde that Sargent met the Ana-capri model, Rosina, whom was featured in so many of John's paintings of that time.

For a lot more on Hyde and the painting above, see:

Frank Hyde Virtual Gallery

Subject: Side Bar -- Starting a website on Hyde
From: David Hyde 
Date: 11/14/2000

hi Natasha; 

I am delighted that you like the material [on Head of Ana-Capri Girl]. . . 

Of course I will be very pleased to send you [more information on Hyde]. At present I am under a heavy work load for the next three weeks but after that I will get it organised. 

My relation Alan Hyde is very interested in Frank and to date has done most of the research into what paintings Frank made. We only have knowledge of about 40 so far. I suggested to Alan that he make a web site on Frank in order to obtain more information on him, but somehow this got turned around [and it's in my court] . . .

My only request is, and it is an important one to us, is that could you please make a reference to the web site I develop when it is ready - naturally I will make a URL that takes the reader straight back to you. 

If the above is not OK with you, then you may have an alternative suggestion. Primarily myself and the family are interested in finding out more about Frank and his paintings in any reasonable manner. 

My father hardly mentioned Frank  . . . However I  find Frank fascinating  and wish to know a lot more about him. It was only two years ago when I randomly put his name into a search engine that I actually saw a painting by him for the first time. (Frank was the oldest of 14 children in the family and my father was the youngest). 

Elizabeth is 90 years old and in hospital at the moment. I will write to her this weekend and see if I can improve on the sketchy biographical detail that I have at present.  (She lives in England and I met her for the first time, this year). Until about 1990 Elizabeth was unaware that Frank had any brothers or sisters  . . . 

Well enough for now, 


David Hyde. 

From: Natasha 
Date: 11/13/2000

Dear David,

I can do better than that.  I could easily and quickly set it up for you and if you send me the text and images you want to use I’d give you the “keys” (access code)  to the site and you can do what ever you want with it, as far as linking to it – heck – that is my intention and wouldn’t do it otherwise. I would probably just use my format I use here – it may not look pretty but I find it to be very functional.

As to deadlines, don’t worry about it – this is a marathon and not a sprint, if you are interested in me starting this for you, I’ll look for your information within the next 6 months or so – or when ever you get around to it.

Special thanks to David & Myrna Hyde, friends of the JSS Gallery.


Jpg: Frank Hyde Virtual Gallery

From: David Hyde 
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004 

[Above is] a painting that I have just received from Norway. 

Elizabeth Miller thinks that it was painted around 1880 but she has yet to see it.  . . .

Do you think that the woman reclining on the sofa is Rosina Ferrara? 

From: Natasha

She does indeed


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