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Chris Blight - United Kingdom - living
Oil on paper
20 x 16 in

jpg: Chris Blight

From: Chris Blight
(kris pee
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004

Hi Natasha

i just wanted to say how much i`ve enjoyed looking at your site....i`ve rarely seen such an informative site with so many works of art devoted to one artist......and what an artist!

i`ve long been a fan of singer sargent's work and your site has helped my appreciation of that with such a comprehensive chronology of his work.....being an artist myself i can appreciate a little more what i see in his work.....helping mine in the process....

thank you


chris blight

Special thanks to Chris Blight, of the United Kingdom, for being a friend of the JSS Gallery.

By: Natasha Wallace
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Created 9/24/2004