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Waterbus stop along the Grand Canal 


The Scalzi Bridge on the Grand Canal (Map D3)  is exactly next to the railway station (Map C3). 

Under the wooden Accademia Bridge built 1932 (Map E6) 

Atop Accademia Bridge (thumbnail only) (Map E6) 


Grand Canal 
Jpg: David W. Spracklen

Since the Venice navy controlled most of the Adriatic, she held a monopoly on trade from India and the far east to countries in Europe for coveted goods such as gold, silk, and coffee.  

Venetian merchant families became wealthy  and they built opulent Palazzi (Palaces) along the Grand Canal. 

As a result, Venice became one of the richest  empires in Europe. Visitors and artists traveled from all over to admire its magnificence and  Eastern art and artists started to influence accents to architecture, blending European and Eastern elements and creating a city that is unique in the world. 



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