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Ca’ d’Oro
Jpg: Philip Resheph 

From:  Philip Resheph 
Date: October, 2000

The Palazzo Barbaro is in the same style. The Ca' d'Oro is also 15th century - built by Mauro Codussi sometime between 1421 and 1447. The exterior was compltely gilded in gold -- which has since worn off.

"Take a look at the gilded façade (it's called the House of Gold). The Ca' d'Oro is the most exquisite example of a Gothic palazzo, and one much inspired by the doges. Originally, in the 15th century, its façade was completely gilded. Inside, the Moorish courtyard and Mudejar balustrade emphasize just how Eastern Venetian architecture could be. The interior is now  the Franchetti Gallery, with some splendid Venetian paintings. Perhaps most  notable is Titian's Venus and Andrea Mantegna's St. Sebastian." (
Special thanks to Philip Resheph of London, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a note and this image.

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